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Koh Change National park

The island is less than 40 islands. There is a rocky island in the sea of many. The island is the largest island. Famous Trad. Located in Amphur Koh Chang. And Koh Kood. Many of the islands have beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. (Such as Koh Ngam). Some coral underwater maintain the integrity of nature. For example, Koh Wai and Koh Rang. Koh Chang National park. The area was declared a special area for sustainable tourism. Administered by the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Year 2004.





Famous tourist attraction on the island.

  • Klong Prao beach - Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang is located next to the beach. Dock of the Bay pineapple about 12 kilometers.
  • Sand Krow beach - Located in the northeast of the island of white sand beach on the island.



Travel to Koh Change

A Car We drive from Bangkok to Koh Chang took about four hours of course does not include the Las Treat jam in Bangkok. Travel by car is easy as you think. Because the road we have to reduce the signs of our path. Start your journey on the motorway. For people who have never been to the motorway. Recommended that ran down the street from The Morro Srinakarin Bangkok. The entrance to the station before mak. Then run straight on. Route through fields and a scenic view on the way. You will come to over Highway 344 on the way to the police are called to check on your safety. Do not forget that there is a toll motorway too. After Route 344 (Ban Bung - Klang) and continued with the Rayong district Khlung Highway 3 through Chanthaburi. Bridge Welu. Saming district. Straight into downtown Trat. The total distance is 315 kilometers through Chonburi - Rayong - Chantaburi - Trat. Distance of about 385 kilometers away from the highway signpost to Laem 3156. Drive about 20 minutes to come to Koh Chang. There is a ferry to the island and tour boats leave every 45 minutes from 8:00 to 19:00 every day if I were to go to the Centre Point Pier. 3156 about 5 km run along the route details below Fares boat.


Airline - Bangkok Airway Airlines is the only airline with flights to Trat. (Koh Chang) using the travel time of about 40 minutes, but were told that the flight may be canceled if the aircraft is not it. Therefore, you should first check that the airline you are traveling to a stand still. This could happen even when you are traveling during the flight, the combination of PG303, PG304 and PG306 like to be added during the flight toured widely. In addition, it is. PG301, PG302, PG307 and PG308 Price is between 1,400 - 2,500 baht per person, depending on the time we spend on the trip. Which is usually the flight of Thailand. Flights can be booked via Bangkok Airways the most part it is not full, which may make it the trip was postponed.


Bus - Travel by car. Visit our popular. To the bus station at Ekamai Bangkok Pier to Koh Chang. Landmarks of the vehicle will have the orange sticker on the side of the car, priced at 250-280 baht per person, tour buses are rarely full. Except during the holiday travel season of the long Songkran or New Year's is usually no need to book the car. How to get to the first 30 minutes is enough.


Ferry -

Once Trat. We had to catch the ferry. To get to the island. The fares. Back to the 80 baht to 120 baht per person and $ 200 for cars. (Include roundtrip).


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