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Koh Samet, Rayong.

About 6 km away from the island.
With an area of ​​approximately 63 acres.Kukti Island is a small island and the second island is the Island bats. And island hermit cave.Beautiful beaches ideal for swimming. The camping. National Guard units are located around the island.Coral reefs.Rent a boat from Ban Phe. (No available homes on the island).
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Getting to Koh Samet.

A Car.

Take the motorway - Pattaya. But the drive to Rayong - Klang to turn right into the city. Continue to drive through the Taphong drive along the beach to Ban Phe. And not have to worry about parking here. The port will have a luggage car costs about $ 100 per vehicle per day, not to carefree.

A Bus

  • Ekkamai A.1 Bangkok - Ban Phe. It takes about four hours to the first 7:30 to Ban Phe of approximately 10 hours.
  • Mo Chit Every one hour and the trip takes about five hours.
  • Van Victory Monument - Ban Phe. Vincent van will be parked at the mall, Century monument would cost about $ 200 to the port where they tell. Time travel 2 hours to quite a bit faster.
  • Ferry Dock across the island to choose from several convenient port where it was up there. Equally, because the price is about 100 baht / person / trip. Sri Ban Phe Pier is a pier first. Find good fortune to come across a drive dock. Harbour Bridge. Nuanthip Municipal Pier and the final Phe. The boat will take up to 24 hours 40 minutes to reach the island. And the port side is the main page. Or go to the beach or any other harbor bays such as Ao Phai Ao Lung Wang ruby crescent bay bay bay grouper Ao Phrao Ao Kiu Wai price will vary.


Place fir Relax

Sai Kaew Beach - The soft white sand. The most beautiful beaches on the island. The beach is the most active as well. Because the resort water sports pub restaurant serving many. Very suitable for people who like hilarious party with friends. I certify that the beach is not certain. Not for people who love peace, I will tell you.

Ao Phai - Next to Sai Kaew Beach. Is called Hat Sai Kaew and Ao Phai walk comfortably. Just across the rocks together. Ao Phai Ao is compact with a little coarse sand. Because the shell fragments mixed in a way. But the water was sparkly. To play as possible. But may be busiest at Sai Kaew Beach. Perfect for reading, sunbathing and relaxing with inexpensive bungalows to stay.

Ao Wongduan - The source of a meniscus. Because the bay is shaped like a crescent moon. Vongduen Another option is inferior to Sai Kaew Beach. For people who like to be active. Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Wong did not lose it. Accommodation is varied and affordable. If you come with a group of friends I suggest the crescent bay. If you like quiet. I could see the head of the Bay Resort. Getting to Ao Wong. Can a small boat into the bay from Port Crescent has. Or take a boat directly from the home page at all.

Ao Prao - Outpost not far from it. The deserted beaches of the Gulf are quite wide. I would like to invite friends to play volley ball on the beach. Resort destinations. There are many to choose from that number. You will find the most beautiful sunset of the question. Have confirmed tonight that capability altogether. It's very precious.


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