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Koh Kood, Trat

The last Island on the east side of Thailand. Far from the coast of Trat province.The island waters adjacent to the border of Cambodia.Koh Kood is the largest island. Deputy of the island.As a sub-district. Depending Trad.Trad came from the south about 82 miles.Barrier, no one can touch 20 years ago, few people would recognize the island.But for today's prosperity came to the people. To arrive immortalized.Island with several waterfalls. But the name on the island is the waterfall.The water flow throughout the year, with all three layers.Island also has its attractions. The sandy beaches and emerald waters. It has been dubbed. "Andaman Sea of ​​the East".

Koh Kood is the fourth largest island in Thailand with an area of ​​105 square kilometers, or about 65,625 acres of the island is 25 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide, the island is completely natural conditions. The mountain ridges and plateaus which the source stream. The island is famous waterfalls. At Klong Chao waterfall. This waterfall is a waterfall history. The King Rama VI had visited Niagara Falls on 2454 King called Anam Kok. Chiang, as a memorial to the media. Vietnamese refugees who came to the king of the rioting during the reign of one of the west coast of the island. Since Ao Yai Kee, Ao Phrao Ao Klong Chao Bao Ngamkho Ao Klong Prao bay stone-tipped candle to the end. All but a stunning sandy beach with crystal clear waters and the peaceful nature. Beach with coconut trees. Also on the island are the mangrove and coral reef diversity. Rhino Island and Long Island, including wood. Near Koh Kood evidence from the reign of King Rama the Great skyline. On the Chiang books. Vietnamese ruler who came to rely on His Majesty Optisompar. Escape from New York. The boat that question. Then draw a sail in the Gulf of Thailand to seven days to reach the island is uninhabited. Original indigenous people of the island are mostly immigrants from Thailand Pahhant Khiri Khet Mar (Koh Kong) colonized by the French in 2447, when it airs for the village is the old village. the Ko Kood island contains a minimum total of 24 islands, divided into three island Koh Kood has three islands, including Koh Kood Koh Rad Island and pointing stick among island has nine islands including Koh Mak Koh Rayang in Rayang the island ghost island. across the island Kradad Bird Island island off the island of Koh Rang has 12 islands, including Koh Rang Yai island islands propellor Koh Kra, Koh Tien Ko Lang Island Mapring Ice Island ship island islands and islets indigenous traditional. Most of the island is Thailand. In Koh Kong, Cambodia and the immigrant neighborhood on the city's Statue Pahhant colonized by the French around 2447, the village is a village canal to oldest. Currently, the island is still living on agriculture. Rubber and coconut orchards little. And coastal fisheries. The island has accommodation for tourists.


Getting to Koh Kood.

Koh Kood, Trat, about 80 kilometers away from the city, tourists can travel from Bangkok to Koh Kood either directly or from the island. To island time.


From Bangkok, take the Motorway. (Bangkok - Chonburi) and turn down the tolls. Then take Highway No. 344 (Ban Bung - Klang) to three separate annoyance. Turn left onto Highway 3 through Chanthaburi to Trat. The total distance is 315 kilometers.


Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) both buses. And Bus. From Bangkok to Trat, it takes about 5 hours for more details at Ekamai, Tel. 0 2391 2504, 0 2391 4164.


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